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Frame Marquees

Frame marquees are suitable for multiple locations and surface types, as they can be erected on grass, asphalt and other firm surfaces. As they do not need guy ropes, you may be able to erect them on smaller spaces and with no centre pole you can fit more into your marquee.

Frame marquees are renown for their strength and can withstand the strong winds Canterbury is known for without budging.

To change the appearance of your marquee either clear walls or silk linings can add a touch of class.

Marquee &Event Hire

Marquees for self installation

Marquee and Event Hire have a number of frame marquees which client can erect and dismantle themselves. Full instructions will be given. Ask about these marquees with our staff.

Marquee & Event Hire - Peg Pole

Building Permits for Marquees

Like buildings, marquees over 100 square metres require a building permit to comply with council regulations. Fees for building permits depend on in which council’s jurisdiction the marquee is being erected in. Marquee and Event Hire can arrange this for you and additional fees will be included in the cost of the marquee. We are happy for customers to arrange this if preferred.

Marquee and Event Hire supply you with the necessary fire extinguishers and exit signs required for any marquee over 100 square metres. If fire extinguishers are discharged, then a discharge fee will apply. At least 20 working days must be allowed for a permit to be arranged and approved. 

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